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CWC Film Event Archive
January, 2002 – Present

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Film Event Listings are most recent first

CWC in the Garfield Theatre
April 2021 – Present

No Bears

Smoking Causes Coughing


Can We All Get Along

2023 Oscar-Nominated Shorts
☀ Program A - Documentary...   Oscar Winner: The Elephant Whisperer ... Nominees: How Do You Measure A Year? ... Stranger At The Gate ... Haul Out ... The Martha Mitchell Effect.
☀ Program B - Animation...   Oscar Winner: The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse ... Nominees: Ice Merchants ... The Flying Sailor ... An Ostrich Told Me The World Is Fake And I Think I Believe It ... My Year Of Dicks.
☀ Program C - Live Action...   Oscar Winner: An Irish Goodbye ... Nominees: The Red Suitcase ... Le Pupille (The Pupil) ... Nattrikken (Night Ride) ... Ivalu.

Chico & Rita

Deep Red

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Ilya Muromets

Dog Video Fest

Julia Reichert Retrospective
Growing Up Female ... Sparkle ... Making Morningstar ... 9to5: The Story of a Movement ... Union Maids ... American Factory ... The Last Truck ... Seeing Red

FotoFocus Jurakan Film Series
Landfall ... After Maria: Two Shores ... Cuba: Living Between Hurricanes ... Candela

Mad God

Lunafest 2022


2022 Cat Video Fest

Ghost in the Shell

2022 Sundance Film Festival Shorts

a-ha: The Movie (Virtual Screening)

Le Havre (also Virtual)

France (also Virtual)

2022 Oscar Nominated Shorts

The British Arrows Awards (also Virtual)

Josep (also Virtual)

Tokyo Shaking (also Virtual)

Language Lessons

B O S S (also Virtual)

Lunafest 2021
Seven short documentary films by and about women, celebrating those who make our community, country and the world a better place. Discussions led by filmmakers from Women in Film Cincinnati.

Overexposed ... Knocking Down the Fences ... A Line Birds Cannot See ... The Scientists Versus Darmouth ... Until She is Free ... Connection ... Betye Saar: Taking Care of Business


A Ghost Waits (also Virtual)

Searching for Mr. Rugoff (also Virtual)

Sundance Film Festival Short Films
BJ's Mobile Gift Shop; Le Criminels; Wiggle Room; Black Bodies; KKUM; White Wedding; To Know Her.

The Fall

The Columnist (also Virtual)

Nina Wu (also Virtual)

2021 Oscar-Nominated Shorts (also Virtual)
☀ Program A - Documentary...   Oscar Winner: Colette; Nominees: A Love Song for Latasha; Do Not Split; Hunger Ward; A Concerto is a Conversation.
☀ Program B - Animation...   Oscar Winner: If Anything Happens, I Love You; Nominees: Opera; Yes-People; Burrow; Genius Loci; Bonus Shorts: Kapaemahu; The Snail and the Whale; To: Gerard.
☀ Program C - Live Action...   Oscar Winner: Two Distant Strangers; Nominees: The Present; Feeling Through; White Eye; The Letter Room.

CWC Virtual Cinema
March 2020 – Present

Lunafest 2021
A Ghost Waits
Searching for Mr. Rugoff
The Columnist
Nina Wu
About Endlessness
2021 Oscar-Nominated Shorts (3 programs)
The Woman Who Loves Giraffes
Wong Kar Wai Retrospective (7 films)
Some Kind of Heaven
Two of Us
Invisible Hand
Glitch in the Matrix
Rare Exports
British Arrows 2020
Jules Dassin's "Rififi"
Sundance Shorts 2020
Gordon Lightfoot: "If You Could Read My Mind"
John Lewis: "Good Trouble"
Ella Fitzgerald: "Just One of Those Things"
Route One / USA
The Painter and the Thief
Denise Ho: "Becoming the Song"
James Baldwin: "I Am Not Your Negro"
Whose Streets
Toni Morrison: "The Pieces I Am"
Thousand Pieces of Gold
La Casa Lobo (The Wolf House)
Slay The Dragon
Best of Cat Video Fest
Someone Somewhere
Animation Show of Shows
Patricio Guzman's "The Cordillera of Dreams"
New French Shorts
Corpus Christi
Once Were Brothers
Life Itself
The Etruscan Smile
The Whistlers
Hail Satan?

CWC Films 2013 - 2020

Oscar Nominated Live-Action & Animated Short Films, 2020
☀ Program A - Animation...   Oscar Winner: Hair Love; Nominees: Dcera (Daughter); Sister; Memorable; Kitbull; Bonus Shorts: Henrietta Bulkowski; The Bird & The Whale; Hors Piste; Maestro.
☀ Program B - Live Action...   Oscar Winner: The Neighbors' Window; Nominees: Brotherhood; Saria; A Sister (Une Soeur); Nefta Football Club.

Oscar Nominated Short Docs, 2020
We're looking for this file...

The British Arrows, 2019
Eight days, 12 screenings at the Garfield

OutReels Film Festival
Three days, 19 screenings at the Garfield

An Evening with Filmmakers Mark Dworkin & Melissa Young
Two short documentaries: Shift Change and Don't Give Up Your Voice

An Evening with Japanese Filmmaker Toko Shiiki
Two short documentaries: Passing the Baton and Over the Sky

Over The Rhine Film Festival
Four days, 27 screenings at the Garfield

German Cinema Retrospective - OverGames
Two days, two documentaries: Das Netz and OverGames

Mike Wallace is Here
A driving force in the evolution of broadcast news, Mike Wallace spoke truth to power and asked the hard questions that put politicians, bureaucrats and criminals on the spot.

The Chambermaid
The universal story of service workers, set in Mexico City, highlighting the isolated and lonely life of single mother striving to survive and transcend the invisibility of her station in life.

Sundance Film Festival Short Films
Seven short films, about living, loving, relationships; the First Peoples of Canada; taking kids to an art museum; unhealthy friendship; the joys of family; generation perspectives.

The Swedish saga of human migration and survival created by necessity as our Earth is rendered uninhabitable. An implicit statement on how we manage our world, featuring the role of artificial intelligence along with confrontation of the unknown.

The Cannes winner from Italy about the consequences of choices we make and the cost of being unable to say no – an allegory of marginalized humanity, the struggle between weak and strong, vengeance and redemption.

Life of Brian
Monty Python's brilliant and frequently poignant satire – an absurdist triumph over pomposity, self-importance, and intolerance.

Documentary profiling three international women in the performing arts, balancing real-life issues as they struggle to succeed in the male-dominated classical music industry.

Lunafest, 2019
Eight short films addressing universal issues relevant to women, encouraging you to make our community, country and the world a better place.

Flip the Record; The Final Show; My Immigrant Story; War Paint; Drummer Girl; Are We Good Parents?; Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday; UR Dead To Me.

Sons & Daughters of Thunder
Docu-drama about the first organized public debate in the U.S. addressing racism, abolition and slavery that took place in Cincinnati in 1834.

Oscar Nominated Live-Action & Animated Short Films, 2019
The animated nominees include a mixture comedy and drama from Canada, China, Ireland, Russia and the USA.

Program A Animation...  Bao; Late Afternoon; Animal Behavior; Weekends; One Small Step;   + Short List Bonus Films: Wishing Box; Tweet Tweet.
The nominated live-action shorts are particularly sobering this year – dealing with racism, child abduction, late-in-life lesbian revelations, children killing children.

Program B Live Action...  Madre; Fauve; Marguerite; Detainment; Skin.

Oscar Nominated Short Docs, 2019
Program A addresses small-town racism, death and dying, the capture of a Nazi criminal hiding in Argentina.

Program A...  Black Sheep; End Game;   + Bonus Doc: The Driver is Red.
Program B deals with the fate of refugees at sea, rescued by the Greek coastguard, pre-WWII rallies in the USA supporting Nazis and facism – spotlighting hate in America, the role of entrepreneurship in helping Indian women combat generations of patriarchal oppression, and a Cincinnati bonus - the story of two women who were first to receive PhDs from U.C.

Program B...  Lifeboat; A Night at the Garden; Period - End of Sentence; +Bonus Doc: A Force for Nature.

The Joni Mitchell 75th Birthday Concert
A star-studded tribute to the 50-year career of the Canadian singer, songwriter, painter, poet, activist and voice of a generation, who fought against injustice and whose music speaks to the core beings, relationships and experiences of women everywhere.

Hirokazu Kore-Eda's Shoplifters
Cannes Palme D'or winner and Oscar nominee, Hirokazu Kore-eda's heart-touching, exquisitely told story of love and family survival in the face of economic hardship and social change.

The Guilty    * Metacritic "Must-See"
Everything works perfectly in Denmark's high-tension, character-driven Oscar entry for best international film, Writing, acting, photography and audio all contribute to a superlative, original thriller not soon forgotten.

Under The Tree
Iceland's Oscar entry for best international film is a black comedy, a satire on family dynamics, a drama of marital discord, and an absurdist revenge thriller with unexpected, escalating responses. All these things invest the audience in ordinary, relatable characters behaving badly, while wondering what comes next.

Kusama - Infinity

Leaning Into The Wind

Support The Girls    * Metacritic "Must-See"
With a terrific performance by Regina Hall, we live through a frenetic day in the life of Lisa, a single black mother who manages a road-house/sports bar in Texas - facing the everyday realities of racism and sexism on the job.

Lives Well Lived

Only Lovers Left Alive

Hereditary    * Metacritic "Must-See"

The Witch    * Metacritic "Must-See"

Votes for Women: Iron Jawed Angels

The Lady Vanishes

Love, Gilda

Joan Jett: Bad Reputation


Dark Money

The British Arrows Awards

Oscar Shorts & More, 2018
The Silent Child; The Eleven O'Clock; Watu Wote (All of Us); DeKalb Elementary; My Nephew Emmett; Garden Party; Revolting Rhymes; Negative Space; Lou; Dear Basketball; Lost Property Office; Weeds; Achoo; In a Heartbeat.

Oscar Short Docs, 2018
Edith + Eddie; Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405; The Lincoln School Story; Knife Skills; Traffic Stop; Heroin(e).

Bye Bye Germany

Julie Taymor's Across the Universe

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Tarsem Singh's The Fall

Alive and Kicking

America's Diplomats

Zero Days

Oscar Shorts & More, 2017
Borrowed Time; Pearl; Piper; Blind Vaysha; Asteria; The Head Vanishes; Once Upon A Time; Pear Cider and Cigarettes; Sing; Silent Nights; Timecode; Ennemis Interieurs; La Femme et la TGV

Joshua Logan's Picnic

Oscar Short Docs, 2017
Extremis; 4.1 Miles; Frame 394; Joe's Violin; The White Helmets; Watani: My Homeland; Close Ties.

Griffin Dunne's Practical Magic

2016 British Arrows Awards

Iron Jawed Angels

Sundance Award-Winning Short Films, 2016
Affections, Jungle, Edmund, Bacon & God's Wrath; Her Friend Adam; The Grandfather Drum; The Procedure; Thunder Road.

Oscar Short & More, 2016
☀ Program A   Nominees: Sanjay's Super Team; World of Tomorrow; Bear Story; We Can't Live without Cosmos; Prologue; Short List Bonus Films: The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse; The Lonliest Stoplight; Catch It.
☀ Program B   Nominees: Ave Maria; Shok; Alles Wird Gut (Everything Will Be OK); Stutterer; Day One.

Oscar Short Docs, 2016
☀ Program A   Nominees: Body Team 12; Girl in the River: The Price of Foregiveness; Last Day of Freedom.
☀ Program B   Nominees: Chau, Beyond the Lines; Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah. Short-List Bonus Film: Coming Home from the Streets.

Rouben Mamoulian's Love Me Tonight

Guillermo del Toro's The Devil's Backbone

2015 British Arrows Awards

2015 Sundance Award-Winning Short Films
The World of Tomorrow; SMILF; Tempéte Sur Anorak; Obiekt; The Face of Ukraine: Casting Oksana Baiul; Oh Lucy!

Oscar Shorts & More
Program A   Nominees: The Dam Keeper, Parvaneh, The Phone Call, A Single Life. Short-List Bonus Films: Bus Story, Sweet Cocoon, Powder Keg.
Program B   Nominees: The Bigger Picture, Aya, Googaloo & Graham, Me and My Moulton, Butter Lamp, Feast. Short-List Bonus Film: Duet.

In the Mood for Love

Oscar Short Docs, 2015
☀ Program A   Nominees: White Earth, La Parka, Our Curse. Short-List Bonus Film: Kehinde Wiley An Economy of Grace.
☀ Program B   Nominees: Crisis Hotline, Joanna. Short-List Bonus Film: One Child.

Lunafest Encore Screening
A Good Match, Chica's Day, Flor de Toloache, Lady Parts, Miss Todd, Tits, Tryouts, Viva. Bonus Film: The Art Carvers of Music Hall.

Women in Film Weekend ~ Lunafest

Women in Film Weekend ~ Fort McCoy

The Perfect Host

Short Film Weekend ~ British Arrows 2014

Short Film Weekend ~ NightSong & Grape>

Euro Night ~ Oscar Shorts Encore

Oscar Short Docs Encore

Oscar Shorts & More 2014
☀ Program A   The Blue Umbrella; Not Quite Downton Abbey; Feral; The Voorman Problem; Possessions; Just Before Losing Everything; Mr. Hublot.
☀ Program B   Crisis at Downton Abbey; Room on the Broom; That Wasn't Me; A La Francaise; Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?; Get a Horse!; Helium.

The World Before Her

Le Bonheur D'Elza

Oscar Short Documentaries
☀ Program A   Cave Digger, Facing Fear, Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall
☀ Program B   Karama Has No Walls, The Lady in #6 + world premiere short docs by Cincinnati Filmmakers:
    Art as Action by Andrea Torrice
    The Art Carvers of Music Hall by Melissa Godoy

Cover Girl

Granny's Got Game; Flying Anne; Sidewalk; First Match; Sounds Shadows; Maria of Many; Running Dry; Date with Fate; Tiny Miny Magic

The Hunger

A Place at the Table

The British Arrows Awards, 2013

James Gandolfini Retrospective
  Romance & Cigarettes
  Cinema Verite
  Welcome to the Rileys
  Columbus Day



Oscar Shorts & More 2013 Encore

Oscar Docs Encore

Oscar Shorts & More 2013
☀ Program A   Fresh Guacamole, Asad, Maggie Simpson, Death of a Shadow, Adam and Dog, Curfew, One Rat Short.
☀ Program B   Dripped, Buzkashi Boys, Over Time, Henry, Head Over Heels, The Ten Steps, Paperman.


Oscar Short Docs
Inocente, King's Point, Mondays at Racine, Open Heart, Redemption.

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CWC Films 2007 - 2012

Lunafest 2012
Georgena Terry, Chalk, Self-Portrait with Cows, The Bath House, When I Grow Up, Flawed, Blank Canvas, Whakatiki, Lunch Date, Meine Eltern.


Two Days in New York

British Arrows Awards, 2012

Iron Jawed Angels

Aki Kaurismaki's Le Havre    * Metacritic "Must-See"

The Hunter

Oscar Shorts & More, 2012
A Morning Stroll; Tuba Atlantic; Skylight; La Luna; Time Freak; Wild Life; The Shore; Amazonia; Dimanche; Pentecost; Hybrid Union; Raju; Hullarbor; God & Vodka; The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

Chico & Rita

Lunafest 2011-2012 + Quirk of Fate
A Reluctant Bride, I am a Girl, Every Mother Countes, Missed Connections, Worst Enemy, Lady Razorbacks, The Wind is Blowing on My Street, Life Model, How to be Alone, Quirk of Fate.

Elia Suleiman's The Time That Remains

Killing Kasztner

The British Arrows Awards, 2011

The Perfect Host

Summer Shorts: Nine Nation Animation
Desconstruction Workers, Average 40 Matches, Bamiyan, Please Say Something, Flatlife, She Who Measures, Home Road Movies, The Tale of How, Never Like the First Time, Transit.

The Top Twins: Untouchable Girls

Hirokazu Kore-eda's Still Walking    * Metacritic "Must-See"

The Red Chapel

NT Live Danny Boyle's Frankenstein

Oscar Shorts & More, 2011
Day & Night, The Crush, Urs, Na Wewe, The Lost Thing, Wish 143, The Gruffalo, The Confession, Let's Pollute, Touch, Madagascar carnet de voyage, God of Love.


Lunafest 2011
The Translator, Getting a Grip, Touch, Tightly Knit, Top Spin, Thembi's Diary, Mother of Many, Irene, Miracle Lady, Love on the Line.

NT Live Hamlet

NT Live Hamlet

Fish Tank    * Metacritic "Must-See"

No One Knows About Persian Cats

For the Love of Movies

British Television Advertising Awards

Beer Wars


Vincere    * Metacritic "Must-See"

Oscar Shorts & More, 2010
French Roast, Kavi, Afternoon Delight, Miracle Fish, The Kinematograph, Extreme Sheep, Logorama, Instead of Abracadabra, Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty, The Door, A Matter of Loaf & Death, Carousel, The Lady & The Reaper, The New Tenants, Runaway, Moscow Cat Circus.

Lunafest 2010
A Summer Rain, Plastic, Roz & Joshua, Monday Before Thanksgiving, DIY: Emancipation 101, The Kinda Sutra, A Vida Politica, Anjali, Omelette, The McCombie Way.

Global Cinema Series

☀ In the Loop  * Metacritic "Must-See"
☀ Song from the Southern Sea
☀ My Time Will Come
☀ Getting Home
☀ Zift
☀ Mutum
☀ Summer Hours  * Metacritic "Must-See"
☀ What a Wonderful World
☀ The Photograph
☀ Sleepwalking Land
☀ I Am from Titov Veles
☀ Those Three
☀ Possible Lives

Youssou N'Dour: I Bring What I Love

Local Color

Taken for a Ride

The Wrecking Crew

Who Does She Think She Is?

The Great Buck Howard

Oscar Shorts & More 2009
Auf der Strecke, Los Ojos de Alicia, Le Dahu, Grisen, John and Karen, La Maison en petits cubes, Ubornaya Lyubovnaya Istoriya, Manon sur le Bitume, New Boy, Oktapodi, Presto, Shouting Distance, Sintonia, Spielzeugland, This Way Up

That Old Black Magic

LunaFest 2009
Big Girl, Fim-de-Semana, Sarah in the Dark, Red Wednesday, Grappling Girls, 34x25x36, Kaden, My First Crush, Kuna Ni Nanang,

Wong Kar-Wai's In the Mood for Love    * Metacritic "Must-See"

Shorts Fest 2008
At Dawning, 7:35 en la manana, Passing Hearts, Date, The Ten Steps, Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase, Perpetual Motion, Winning the Peace, Le Vie D'Un Chien, Perils of Nude Modeling, Kunstbar, sweetnightgoodheart, Held in Sway, Exhibit 42, Pretty Dead Girl, De Chinese Muir, Luv Junket, The Mantis Parable, Jesus Henry Christ.

Election Day

Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt

Full Battle Rattle

A Man Named Pearl

David Lynch's Blue Velvet

Cristian Mongiu's 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days    * Metacritic "Must-See"

The Singing Revolution

Last Stop for Paul

Oscar Shorts 2008
Meme les Pigeons vont au Paradis, Om Natten, I Met the Walrus, Le Mozart des Pickpockets, Moya Lyubov, Un Bisou pour le Monde, Tanghi Argentini, Madame Tutli-Putli, The Tonto Woman, Peter and the Wolf, Il Supplente, Over Time.

Clark Montessori Short Docs

The Cats of Mirikitani (encore)


Andrea Arnold's Red Road

John Turturo's Romance & Cigarettes

Oscar Preview Party

Oscar Micheaux's Body & Soul

Jean-Jacques Beineix's Diva

LunaFest 2008
Itmanna, The Guarantee, Gódir Gestir, Doña Ana, Happinesss, Pockets, My Other Mother, Daikon Ashi, Breaking Boundaries, Empty Chairs & Painful Windows.

Heddy Honigmann's Forever

Linda Hattendorf's The Cats of Mirikitani

Midnight Ramble

Lu Chuan's Mountain Patrol: Kekexili

Oscar Docs 2007
The Blood of the Yingzhou District,  Recycled Life,  Rehearsing a Dream,  Two Hands

Denis Dercourt's The Page Turner

Robert Bresson's Au Hasard Balthazar    * Metacritic "Must-See"

Park Chan-Wook's Lady Vengeance

Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?

Why We Sing!

Lunafest Film Festival 2007
Mann Ke Manjeere,  Plum Flower,  Slip of the Tongue,  Breached,  City Paradise,  Top of the Circle,  Dear Talula,  Kylie Goldstein-All American,  Agricultural Report,  Empty Chairs and Painful Windows.

James Longley's Iraq in Fragments    * Metacritic "Must-See"

PaddleFest Film Festival

Deborah Scranton's The War Tapes

Melissa Godoy's Do Not Go Gently

6th Annual Oscar Shorts, 2007
Program "A" Live Action
Binta y la Gran Idea,  West Bank Story,  Eramos Pocos,  Saviour,  Helmer & Son.
Program "B" Animation
Lifted,  The Little Match Girl,  Maestro,  The Danish Poet,  No Time for Nuts,  One Rat Short,  The Passenger,  The Wraith of Cobble Hill,  Guide Dog,  A Gentleman's Duel.

It's All About Love ~ Romantic Shorts
Last Hand Standing;  Rules of Love,  TRANSIT,  Modern Life,  Kom,  The Last Supper,  My Parents.

Jean-Pierre Melville's Army of Shadows    * Metacritic "Must-See"

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CWC Films 2002 - 2006

5th Annual Oscar Shorts & More, 2006
Six Shooter,  Cashback,  Our Time is Up,  Aufreisser,  The Moon & The Son,  Jasper Morello,  Badgered,  Nine.

Bubba Ho-Tep

After Innocence

Blues Legend: The Life
& Times of H-Bomb Ferguson

Did you have your photo taken with H-Bomb at the Madison Theater?
Click here to see photos from the event.


Oscar Docs 2006
The Golden Age of Norman Corwin,  God Sleeps in Rwanda,  The Mushroom Club,  The Death of Kevin Carter.

An Inconvenient Truth

Lunafest Film Festival 2006
Back Seat Bingo,  Tahara,  Blessing,  Twilight,  Perfection,  Laying Down Arms,  Mabel's Saga.

Why We Fight


Good Night, and Good Luck

The Gospel of Lou

The Cincinnati PaddleFest Film Festival
Heaven on Earth: Humboldt Whitewater,  Long Live a Free Magpie,  The Best of New River Gorge,  Alaska,  Give Us a River,  Cheat River Canyon,  Into the Tsangpo Gorge,  Foamie Fun,  Royal Flush Professional,  White River Experience,  In Memory of Jon Lord,  Russian Wave,  Indescribable,  Twitch V,  Yangtze River: The Final Decent,  Air, Costa Rica!

4rd Annual Oscar Shorts & More 2005
Two Cars, One Night,  Birthday Boy,  7:35 in the Morning,  Gopher Broke,  The Little Terrorist,  Rex Steele, Nazi Smasher,  Wasp,  Ryan

La Battaglia di Algeri (The Battle of Algiers)    * Metacritic "Must-See"

Documentaries for Democracy

Hijacking Catastrophe,  What America Needs,  Unprecedented,  Unconstitutional,  Invisible Ballots,  Before You Don't Vote.

The American Astronaut

3rd Annual Oscar Shorts & More 2004

Program 1   Squash,  Nibbles,  Roam,  From the 104th Floor,  The Delivery Boy,   Perk,  Rules of Love,  Harvey Krumpet,  Wish Dreamer,  Torzija
Program 2   Waiting for Trains,  Perpetual Motion,  Gabriel y Gato,  Die Rote Jacke,  At Low Resolution,  Horses on Mars,  Indigen,  The Stork,  Kunstbar,  Bumble Beeing.

The CWC 2004 Independent Film Festival
Nine Sessions, Forty-two films:
☀ Indigo
☀ Gaudi Afternoon
☀ Live-Action Shorts, Program 1 — Powder Keg,  Traveler,  La Jetee,  Kom,  Maestro,  Palindromo,  Depth Solitude,  Bus 44,  The Last Supper
☀ Rivers and Tides    * Metacritic "Must-See"
☀ Animation Fest — La Salla,  From the 104th Floor,  Every Child,  Frank the Wrabbit,  Le Papillion,  Hedge of Thorns,  Seeds of Life,  TRANSIT,  A Conversation with Harris,  Balance,  Le Artiste, The Freak
☀ Long Night's Journey into Day
☀ Christ in Concrete
☀ Local & Regional Film Showcase — Above & Below,  Lucky's,  Oldham County,  Color Blind,  Lost Hearts,  African American,  Interior/Exterior
☀ Live-Action Shorts, Program 2 — Bird in the Wire,  Twinset,  Golden Gate,  Sidewalkers,  The Quality of Mercy,  A Dios,  Love Bites,  My Beautiful Me,  Helicopter.

From Life to Stage & Screen: Directors' Interpretations of the "Crime of the Century"
Compulsion,  Swoon

Lilya 4-Ever    * Metacritic "Must-See"

2nd Annual Oscar Shorts & More, 2003
Atama Yama,  The ChubbChubbs,  Das Rad (The Wheel),  Der er en Yndig Mand (This Charming Man),  Fait d'Hiver (Gridlock),  Inja,  J' Attendrai le Suivant (I'll Wait for the Next One),  Katedra (The Cathedral),  LOR (Lots of Robots),  Mike's New Car,  405.


War Photographer

The Last Just Man

The Trials of Henry Kissinger

MiddFest 2002 International Festival

Forgotten Silver; A Place in the World; Mas Fever: Inside Carnival; Charles, Dead or Alive; Palindromo; Il Postino; Le Artiste; Kirikou & the Sorceress; Man of Aran; Growing Up in Russia & the Ukraine; Latcho Drom; Bean Cakes; Hidden Korea; Cross My Heart & Hope to Die; Inja; Eternity and a Day; Like Water for Chocolate.

Latin American Culture Festival - Film Series at the Museum Center:
A Dios; The Double Life of Ernesto Gomez-Gomez; Five; Golden Gate; Palindromo.

An Evening of Short Film & Performance Art at Old St. George:
Color Blind; Home Free; Inja; Le Artiste; Luz; Modern Life; The Teacup; When The Day Breaks.

Cosi Ridevano (The Way We Laughed)

1st Annual Oscar Nominated Shorts
& Selected Films 2002

Program A   A Man Thing; Fifty-Percent Grey; For the Birds; Heart of the World; The Road Home ;Speed for Thespians; Strange Invaders.
Program B   The Accountant; Anticipating Sarah; Bean Cakes; Copy Shop; Dog; Give Up Yer Aul Sins; Gregor's Greatest Invention; Kom; Stubble Trouble.

Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse (The Gleaners & I)

War in the Land of the Mujaheddin


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